HKU Libraries Supports Open Scholarship

HKU Libraries commits to promoting Open Scholarship, which includes enabling open access (OA) to research publications, research datasets, metadata, along with research workflows and other types of outputs. We believe Open Scholarship principles can strengthen research integrity, increase visibility, and enhance the impact of the University.

Let’s have a look on how the Libraries supports Open Scholarship:

1. Open Access Article Processing Charge Waivers via Transformative Agreements

Since 1st January 2022, the HKU Libraries has signed Transformative Agreements (TA) with two publishers, namely the Cambridge University Press (CUP) and Karger, to provide HKU corresponding authors full Article Processing Charge (APC) waivers when publishing in Open Access (OA) with these publishers. During the year 2022, we were glad to notice an increase in OA publishing by our HKU authors with our partnered publishers, which was an accomplishment driving us to continue acquiring more resources for facilitating OA publishing at HKU.

This year, starting from 1st January 2023, we were pleased to announce that the Libraries has reached more agreements with three new publishers – IOP Publishing, Portland Press, and Wiley. Although the quotas of APC waivers are limited and  first-come-first-served for Wiley and Hindawi journals, it has the largest coverage of journals among all of our current TA partners. Over 1800+ hybrid and full OA journals across multiple disciplines published by Wiley and Hindawi are covered in our TA, providing a high flexibility to HKU authors to publish APC-free with Wiley in different subject areas. They cover the full spectrum of life, health and physical sciences, social science and the humanities, etc.

For our other partnered publishers, CUP, Karger, IOP Publishing and Portland Press,  quotas of the waiver are unlimited. Procedures for applying the waivers slightly differ among publishers, but all of them could be done online with simple clicks if authors had declared HKU affiliation upon submission of manuscript. 

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2. HKU Libraries Open Access Author Fund

The Libraries also supports HKU corresponding authors who publish in open access with other publishers.

Current HKU academic or research staff members and postgraduate students, who will publish with publishers other than the aforementioned ones, can apply for HKU Libraries Open Access Author Fund and enjoy reimbursement for actual expenses up to US$2,000 per article for open access APCs.  Fundings are limited and first-come-first served. Learn more eligibility requirements of the Fund at:

By January 2023, the Fund had already supported over 20 journal articles authored by HKU scholars and students from different disciplines. A list of supported articles can be viewed on our webpage.

Watch this short video to have a glimpse of the Fund:

3. HKU Scholars Hub and DataHub

HKU researchers can deposit manuscripts (preprints or postprints) to the HKU Scholars Hub in order to enhance the visibility of the research, and foster opportunities for collaboration.

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Research data created by HKU researchers and research postgraduate students can be stored in the DataHub. DataHub fully supports the FAIR Principles – Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse of data. It aims to help researchers comply with journal policies and promote transparency and robustness of research.

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The Libraries will continue to support HKU researchers in applying the principles of openness throughout research. For enquiries, please contact the Learning and Research Services, University Libraries via Email-a-Librarian (To: Open Access).