Ways to boost your citations – Data Sharing

Data sharing is getting support from the academic communities as favourable practice in scholarly publishing. It can enable researchers to replicate findings, build on others’ expertise, and reuse existing data for making new discoveries (Gilmore et al., 2018). While it brings key benefits to scientific progress and the whole research community, at the individual level,…

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Preprint - posting, reading, and citing

Preprints 2: Concerns and Implications

Following the previous post on introduction and benefits of preprints, this blog post will briefly introduce concerns on preprints and some implications to readers and authors. Missed the previous post? Check the post here. Concern of preprints Quality While preprints play an unprecedented role in promoting timely dissemination of biomedical knowledge during COVID-19 pandemic, skeptics…

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Open Access Publishing: Transformative Agreement & Journal Selection

Along with the recent signature of transformative agreements between the HKU Libraries and two publishers, the Libraries is endeavoring to offer the best options for our authors to publish scholarly works in Open Access (OA). In this post, we would like to briefly introduce the new offers in scholarly publishing we brought to our authors…

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