An Impactful Initiative: A Summary of HKU Libraries Open Access Author Fund in 2022/23

The HKU Libraries Open Access Author Fund, a key initiative of the Libraries to support open access by HKU researchers, has been run for the first financial year.  

Join us in celebrating success with a few outcome snapshots. 


In the financial year 2022/23, the Fund supported 84 journal articles authored by HKU scholars and students from different disciplines (all approved applications, including those with articles pending publication).  

Figure 1: Number of applications by Faculty

Among all the approved applications, the majority came from the Faculty of Medicine (35%), Science (18%), and Education (13%). 

Find the list of supported articles here: (Updated quarterly) 


Open access can bring researchers benefits including enhanced reach, visibility and impact for research.  


Among all the supported articles which have been published with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and can be tracked by, 51 have already received mentions in news, blog, or social media.  

In total, mentions of the articles appeared in: 

  • 530 tweets by 462 unique tweeters in 48 countries, such as United States, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, India, and more 
  • 48 news stories from news outlets around the world, such as United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, and more 
  • 7 public Facebooks posts 
  • 5 blog posts 
  • 1 video 

(Data were retrieved on 19 July 2023.) 

For latest data, view the report here:

Article receiving most attention

Among all the articles, the following one received the most Altmetric attention as of 19 July 2023: 

Francesco, R., Chit, K. L., Angus, P. Y., Welton, L., Danny, J. Y., Daniel, Y. F., David, M., Chi-Ho, L., Stephen, H. S. W., & Parco, M. S. (2023). Dose–response effects of exercise and caloric restriction on visceral adiposity in overweight and obese adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. British Journal of Sports Medicine, bjsports-2022-106304. 

It has been:  

  • Tweeted 202 times by 186 users from around the world including Brazil, Japan, Spain, United States, and others 
  • Covered in 5 news stories from 5 outlets, such as: 
    • Dropping Your Visceral Fat — Exercise or Calorie Restriction? 
    • 運動とカロリー制限、脂肪減少効果に違い 
    • “深度”肥胖——肝脏脂肪怎么减?9篇论文告诉你答案! 
  • Mentioned by 1 blog post 
  • Mentioned in 1 video

(Data were retrieved on 19 July 2023.) 

The data showed that these open access articles reached a global audience around the world. 


Seize the opportunity when the new financial year begins! Join your colleagues to publish open access and enjoy the potential benefits with the support of the Fund.  

Get started now! 

Quick introduction: 


  • Current HKU academic/research staff and postgraduate students who are the corresponding authors of the articles, and without sufficient fundings to support open access charges  

Article requirement  

  • Immediate open access peer-reviewed articles  

Amount covered  

  • Actual expenses for open access article processing charges (APCs), up to US$2,000   


  • Accepted or published in the financial year
  • First-come-first-served 

Read the Terms and Conditions at: