Unlocking the Path to Success: Tips for Becoming a Strong Researcher and Getting Published

Becoming a good researcher and getting published are two goals that go hand in hand. To succeed as a researcher, it is essential to both conduct rigorous research and communicate your findings effectively.

Conducting rigorous research

To conduct research, you will go through stages including:

  • Defining a Topic
  • Reviewing the Literature
  • Developing a Researchable Question
  • Research Design
  • Research Ethics
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation

Below are some tools and training courses available via the Libraries to help you though the process.

SAGE Research Methods

It helps you explore methods or identify a new method. You can find tools including:

  • Methods Map – Visualization demonstrating how methods are related
  • Project Planner – Find step-by-step guidance to complete your research project
  • Which Stats Test – Answering a handful of multiple-choice questions to see which statistical method is best for your data

Access: http://find.lib.hku.hk/record=alma991044102091003414

Karger Campus

It is a collection of courses on drafting and publishing a research paper, created and reviewed by experts in each topic and delivered through an engaging format. You can find:

  • 01. How to Conduct Ethically Sound Research
  • 08. How to Conduct a Systematic Review

Access: http://find.lib.hku.hk/record=alma991044477649403414

Getting published

It’s important to communicate your research effectively. This involves writing clear and concise manuscripts. Some useful tools include:

Academic Writer (by American Psychological Association, APA)

You can find tutorials on writing-up research in the Learning Center, including topics such as:

  • How to Report Scientific Research
  • How to Title Your Work
  • How to Reduce Bias in Language: Writing About Individuals With Respect and Objectivity

Access: http://find.lib.hku.hk/record=alma991020978809703414

Karger Campus

The collection of self-paced training courses also include:

  • 03. How to Write a Compelling Case Report
  • 04. How to Write a Clinical Research Paper

Access: http://find.lib.hku.hk/record=alma991044477649403414

To learn about selecting target journals and making decisions related to preprints, open access, and research visibility, check:

Karger Campus

Courses include:

  • 02. How to Avoid Your Paper Being Rejected
  • 06. How to Choose a Target Journal
  • 09. How to Decide on Preprints and Open Access
  • 10. How to Get Your Paper Noticed following Publication

Access: http://find.lib.hku.hk/record=alma991044477649403414

Hope the above tools can help you thrive and survive – overcome obstacles and achieve excellence. Wish you every success in the academic world and make a meaningful contribution to your field!