​​Publish and Share Your Research: Suggestions from Editors and Librarians Seminar Series​ 

​​The Libraries is co-organizing a series of seminars with CITE (Centre for Information Technology in Education, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong) to provide researchers with useful advice on publishing your research.​ Eight seminars on various topics by journal editors and librarians will be held in this ​academic​ year. No matter an early career researcher or a seasoned expert you are, you would be able to encounter something beneficial.  

Registration for the first seminar is now open. All are welcome!  

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Seminar 1: 

Tips for Your First Research Paper — From Proposal to Publish 

Date: 17 October 2023 (Tue) 

Time: 12:45pm – 2:00pm (Hong Kong Time) 

(Hybrid mode)

  • Digital Interactive Laboratory, Main Library, HKU 
  • Zoom Webinar  


  • Dr. Yuen YIU (Device Editor, Cell Press) 
  • Dr. Sophia ZHANG (Research Intelligence, Customer Consultant, Elsevier) 


Section 1
How to publish your research (with an introduction to Cell Press’ physical science journals)  

  • How to craft and submit an article and increase visibility for your research 
  • Ethical concerns surrounding the use of AI in scientific publishing 
  • Journal ecosystem of Cell Press and the publishing industry in general 

In this talk, Yuen will give a crash course on how to craft a research or an opinion article, and go over some common pitfalls and missed opportunities when promoting your research. He will also briefly share his thoughts on the use of AI in scientific publishing and other ethical concerns. Finally, he will give an overview on the journal ecosystem of Cell Press and peel back the curtains to share some insider knowledge as a full-time editor. 

​​Section 2
How to understand a research topic efficiently & tips for your research​

  • ​​One-click understanding & following cutting-edge research topics​ 
  • ​​Manage your academic profile​ 
  • ​​Systematic selection of appropriate place to publish​ 
  • ​​Scopus AI demo – “academic ChatGPT” for your research​ 

​​In this talk, Sophia will share how to use bigdata tools to fully explore a research topic, how to check the latest directions and to follow the most important scholars in your field.​ She will also talk about the tips for managing your “academic business card” and how the Scopus AI can help your research exploration. 

About the ​speakers​:

Dr. Yuen YIU  
Device Editor, Cell Press  

Yuen obtained his PhD in ​condensed​ matter physics from the University of Tennessee and did postdoctoral research at Ames Laboratory. During his research career, he primarily focused on investigating strongly correlated materials using neutron scattering. Before joining Cell Press, he had worked as an editor at the American Institute of Physics and at Science Magazine. He is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. He is currently based in Hong Kong.  
Dr. Sophia ZHANG 
Research Intelligence, Customer Consultant, Elsevier  ​​

Sophia received her PhD from the School of Management, University of South Australia, and her MSc from the University of Nottingham.​ Before Joining Elsevier, she has worked as a consultant in PwC ​strategy​&. She has given many lectures on research tips and evaluation to students and faculty members of Fudan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Guangzhou Laboratory, and other universities and state-level laboratories.  


On-site (Digital Interactive Laboratory, Main Library, HKU)
Online (Zoom)

More information on seminars 2-8 will come soon. Stay tuned for news from the Libraries!